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751 West 2nd Street
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Tru Counseling and Consulting proudly serves Eastern North Carolina, and is located in historic downtown Washington, NC.  Trudy D. Burgess, MA, NCC, NCP, NBCCH is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, DNMS Therapist, EMDR Therapist, and provides Individual Psychotherapy, Couple Psychotherapy, Family Psychotherapy and Group Psychotherapy, as well as Workshops and Seminars.



Tru Counseling & Consulting Would Like for You to Ask Yourself...

  • Are you fulfilling your dreams and satisfied with your life?
  • Are long standing issues or past hurts disrupting your happiness?
  • Are current problems or life transitions draining your energy?
  • Would you like to improve your relationships?
  • Is stress or low self-esteem taking its toll on you or those around you?
  • Are you experiencing grief, loss, feeling unseen and unheard?
  • Is parenting more challenging than you thought and you worry about your children?
  • Do you find yourself exhausted and bothered by your interpersonal relationships?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, sad, or tearful?
  • Are you feeling irritable, having difficulty sleeping, or making decisions?
  • Are you having conflicts at home, work, or school?
  • Are you experiencing moodiness and fatigue?
  • Is chaos ruling your marital or family relationship?

Tru Counseling & Consulting is dedicated to helping you develop a healthy, satisfying life.  Call today, 252.974.0322, if you would like professional, personal support with healing emotional pain, coping with difficult situations, or with building positive relationships.  Services are available to assist you to make sustainable changes beneficial in achieving balance, confidence, trust, joy, and personal growth.  Please do not wait just hoping whatever it is will go away.  Emotional well being is a vital part of maintaining good health.

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