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Services Offered by Tru Counseling & Consulting
Individual, Couples, Family & Group Psychotherapy, Workshops and Seminars

Everyone goes through troubling times or situations. No matter who you are or what you do sometimes problems just get you down. It often helps to talk with someone who will listen, ensure your confidence and provide support for you to feel better again.

Tru has been called a “therapist’s therapist”. She is often called to travel to other’s offices to present Getting The Love You Want Workshop. Therapists from around the state and VA refer couples to Tru for Private Getting The Love You Want Workshops. They report after these workshops the couples typically exhibit renewed hope and reengage in their original work with the original therapist with strong communication skills, focus on teamwork and problem solve vs complaints.

Upon request, Tru provides Relationship 101, and Love and Logic Parenting workshops.

Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop

Employee Assistance Programs are provided and tailored to meet business needs. There are several ways these can be structured. Contact Tru 252-974-0322 [email protected] or through this website to learn more.

In addition to clinical work, Tru has over 20 years’ experience consulting with various groups including businesses, churches, schools, hospitals, government agencies, and community organizations in customizing plans or creating and facilitating workshops and seminars based on their needs.

Tru is also a well accomplished and sought-after speaker for church, public, business, and organizational meetings. She has provided keynote speeches for business conferences as well as informative, inspiring talks to businesses, groups, governmental agencies, churches, hospitals, health care facilities on numerous topics.

In addition to these consulting services, Tru delivers educational programs regarding relationships and personal growth tailored to your time frame, need, and topic.

Tru’s consulting work also includes being called in to assist and debrief when trauma or change has affected a private or professional group. Her tact, knowledge, and delivery are noted to be on target and extremely helpful in assisting individuals and the organization as a whole to move forward.

Just some of the many topics she has spoken on include:

  • Diversity
  • Body Language
  • Creating Positive Culture within a Group
  • Personal Representation
  • Teamwork
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Time Management
  • Positive Productivity
  • Service Delivery
  • How to Draw In and Serve Customer Needs Effectively
  • Positivity as an Emotional Contagion
  • Holiday Stress
  • Self and Other-Awareness
  • How to Adapt in A Changing World

Workshops/Seminars are customized to your group/organization’s needs. Contact Tru at 252-974-0322 or [email protected] or through this website for planning. Tru also provides tailored Keynote speeches for any event.


“When we had a tragedy effect a valued employee we called Tru to help. We found her to be extremely helpful in assisting us with compassion, care and wise intervention.”

“It was such a pleasure to hear Tru speak. Her fun, informative style is engaging and thought provoking. We look forward to having her back.”

“The information Tru provided our company is invaluable. She made learning fun. Evaluations were all positive with requests for more.”

“Tru’s style is real and approachable. She really cared that she met our goals. She took time to understand our needs and facilitated a program right on target. It was a pleasure and relief to find someone so willing to help and teach. Top Notch.”

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Trudy has over 20 years experience working with individuals, couples, and families. In addition to clinical work, Trudy provides community crisis intervention services, consultation, workshops and seminars to churches, businesses, schools, and community groups/organizations, on various topics related to relationship issues, personal growth, trauma, parenting and recovery.